Goodbye to Prague




On our last day, we were to finish our webquests. Minna and I decided to join forces and made one awesome webquest on Sustainable Tourism. This work is for anyone to develop and try with students. Should you be interested, we can provide you with some background in return to hearing about your experience.

After the webquests had been presented, it was time for the last entry in the course programme, the certificates. We all got certificates and lots and lots of pictures were taken. We gave the organisers some local felt articles and Suomi chocolates. Morgan, who was to leave for Iceland the next day, also got a first aid kit to help in case of (small) crisis and an ao tube scarf to keep him warm… Then we all went our separate ways, we took a flight back home (half an hour late, with no explanations).

All in all, the course was really interesting, we learned a lot about various online applications, learned to make our own websites in weebly and got a glimpse of the future, the augmented reality. Our teachers Morgan and Veronica were really both experts in their fields, the practical arrangements went well, and we even got links to all the material used. We also got new ideas and, of course, new friends.

For more information on the training organiser, please visit their internet site and/or Facebook.