First days at Malta!

Hi everyone!

We saw the Alps from the plain!

Its Susanna writing here. So we arrived to Malta at Monday and our journey to here went surprisingly well and we both got our luggage. I have visited Malt once before so the shock at first when we arrived to our accommodation was still pretty big. The loft wasn’t quit what we expected and at first we felt like now one here wanted to do nothing about it, but now things has started to clear up.


We all so got an email at Tuesday from our mentor from our workplace that unlike we thought we will stars working at next week not this week. So we have tried to use this free week as effective as we can.

First two days we just walked around and checked out where are the nearest shops, bus stops and learned how to use local public transporting. We all so went to Sliema were I was two years ago as language trip whit EF and saw some more this beautiful island.

Sliema promenade and beach cliffs
Capital city Vallletta pictured from Sliema
Sliema beach cliffs






San Blas Beach in Gozo

Third day we decided to go to Gozo which is one of the three populated island of Malta (Malta is the main island of these). At Gozo we went to San Blas beach which was really beautiful place. After that we have get to now our neighborhood better and because now is an Easter week and today is good Friday and Malta is Catholic country there is only couple shops and places open.

So  I think there was almost everything for this week so we keep spending our free days and see you next week!


Artistic pic from Sliema beach cilff 😀