Finally arriving to Malta

Hello everyone! It’s Remu writing here from sunny Malta. It’s 18°C.

Our flight from Helsinki – Vantaa airport left at 6am. We had to change the plane in München to get to Malta. München’s airport was really great, large windows brought the warm sun inside. We were really tired when we got to München, so we mostly just lied on the chairs and browsed Facebook with the free Wi-Fi. Finally our flight took off and two hours later we arrived to our destination: Malta.

It was such a beautiful sight to look out of the window in the airplane and see all the clouds and the sunrise. It’s moments like these that are hard to forget.

At the airport we waited for our luggage to arrive for a half an hour. Then we walked into the lobby to search for our very own taxi driver. He turned out to be a real gem: he showed us the nearest grocery stores on our way here and helped us unlock the front door to our accommodation. The locks around here are very fragile, so you have to be careful when opening them. Also on our way here I was amazed by the traffic: everyone drives on the left and the driver sits on the ”wrong” side of the car, compared to Finland of course. That’s just something we have to get used to!

Soon after getting settling down in our apartment we met our flatmates, they’re very nice. After that we hurried to buy some groceries because we hadn’t eaten in a very long time (if you don’t count the strange things they tried to feed us on the airplane).

This is what they gave us on the München – Malta flight. It was alright but didn’t fill all the hunger in our tummies.
Malta’s street view


Now we’re just chilling together in our flat. The clock here is one hour less than in Finland.  Not so bad to get used to 🙂



Remu & Kirppu