Final report from Innsbruck


Now we have been in Finland for three weeks and thought to write some feelings about the on-the-job learning.

Before we left we didn’t have a lot of information about anything. We knew only that we were going to work with kids but that’s all. We were nervous what those nine weeks are going to be.  We were also wondering what kind of accommodation we have.

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Little by little things started to get clear and the accommodation was perfect too. We got to know workmates and we already miss them a lot! Also our job became familiar.



The city of Innsbruck was interesting and definitely started to feel like home rapidly.



Even though we had some adversities, we survived about everything. All together everything went well and it was an amazing experience! We are super happy that we got this opportunity to leave abroad. We got a lot of new experiences and improved our language skills.



We recommend to everybody to go abroad. You will get much wider view about world and about your career.

With huge love,

Tanja, Mandi & Tiia