Bouquets and citytours

I had little different week last week. On monday my boss had arranged so that I have school day at florist school that shops other practicer goes. At school we did round bridal boquets to oasis handle. I have only done bridal bouquet to flowers own stems so this was good opportunity try and learn new things. Also at school when we had made first bouquet we used flowers fromnother students first bouquets to second one.

I have also done much planting and potflower decorations. On friday I also got to do funeral bouquets and went to take them to church.

On the weekend I went to copenhagen to explore what Denmarks capital looks like. City is really big and there are many things to see and one weekend isn’t enough for all of them. But I had fun just walking around city and feel what copenhagen is like. I was also so excited that I forgot to take pictures.