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Goodbye to Denmark

Today is my last day in Denmark. I sit in a hotel room in Billund thinking the time I spent here. The pictures are more than words, so I show some of my good memories in pictures.

Riding tour with Icelandic horses. Seldrupgård, Beder.

Aarhus – European Capital of Culture 2017

Den Gamle By (The Old Town) is a national open-air museum of urban history and culture in Denmark through three decades. The best museum I ever visited!

The Botanical Garden and Tropical Houses are near of Den Gamle By in the centre of Aarhus.

Aarhus Cathedral is the longest church in Denmark and it seats 1200 people.

Wonderful Copenhagen.

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

Watch and see and learn …

That is how my boss Per says when he wants me to learn something new. I’ve had the opportunity to do all kind of jobs in Violen and  I’ve learned a lot during these weeks.  All floral work has become familiar in a fun and “hygge” way.  I’ve taken hundreds of pictures and some videos too. Now is the last practice week and I’m returning to Finland this weekend. I bring good memories and a lot of experience with me.

Cut flowers and some bouquets I’ve made.

Funeral wreaths.

Wreath to honor of the newly built house is a Danish tradition.


Easter Holiday

Lots of beautiful stones!

At the end of the week we were able to borrow Per wife’s car. Emma and I drove up north to Skagen which  is the northernmost point of Denmark. Skagen is the town where two seas meet and endless beaches are beautiful with white sand and beautiful stones. On the beach you can also see the German wartime bunkers – not so beautiful in my opinion.

We also visited the Skagen Museum which is charming building with its magnificent paintings. The town’s galleries exhibit a wide range of genres and art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, glass art and jewellery.  Of course, we also visited the flower shops and specialty stores in the city.

On Friday we went to see the church of St.Laurentii. It was covered by sand and eventually had to be abandoned, today only tower remains visible.

On the way back we drove along the beautiful east coast down to Hals and the rest of the way along the motorway.

On Saturday, it was raining all day. I rested and kept in touch with family and friends in Finland.

On Sunday was a beautiful day and time to visit Moesgaard Museum, which is located near the dorm. The exhibition building designed by Henning Larsen Architects A/S and the practice of landscape architect Kirstine Jensen. The unique building is set on the landscape and inside is very modern. Upper level has a view to the sea.

I spent the whole day in museum and also enjoyed the museum café’s brunch buffet. It was a wonderful day!

On Monday, I went to Aarhus. I just wandered along the streets because almost all the places were closed because of the Easter.
I have spent Easter in differently this year and enjoyed of it.

The first week full of experiences

It’s a wonderful spring here in Denmark already! Dorm courtyard is beautiful, fruit trees in bloom, grass is green and tulips and daffodils start blooming soon. Looks similar to Finland at the end of May.

Tuesday was my first day Violen. Owner Per Kaspersen and his staff seem to be nice and I enjoy being there for sure. Violen a pretty big flower shop in the center of Odder. The building is old and it has served at one time as a hotel. The shop is built space, which has previously worked as a horse stable. It is really nicely renovated and decorated.

Violen has a rich selection of flowers, gifts, goodies, coffee, tea and different brands of liquor. In Denmark, flower shops commonly sold products other than flowers.
Upstairs is a large hall space, which is sometimes served as the hotel’s dance hall. It is rented for the artists and craftsmen for the holding of exhibitions.

Some photos of willow artist’s works in the exhibition.
On Tuesday, we worked all day with fresh cut flowers and I visited a Nickies red flower car with Per.  Wednesday was a busy day and everyone had a lot of work. In shop visited lot of customers and the flowers were ordered through the internet. We did a lot of bouquets and arrangements for Easter.

Birthday bouquet for 75 years old lady made by me.

Hello Denmark, see you soon!

I’m Ulla Niskanen florist student from Jämsä College. My destination in Denmark is Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter  Århus in Beder . My accommodation is at the school dormitory for a period of four weeks. I’ll do my practical training in flower shop Violen  in Odder town.

Working abroad is a great opportunity to learn something new and different. I’ll get a lot of experience and build up language skills and increase understanding of the host country’s culture and history.

My new suitcase is waiting for packing in the corner of the room. Hopefully there is enough space for my luggage.

Stay tuned!