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Last words

Hello everyone!

So six weeks in Malta is gone now and we have been back in Finland two weeks now. It’s nice to bee back home but I have been really busy lately. I have started my summer work and prepared my graduation party and I have to confess that I forged to write this final report and that’s why it toke so long.

If I think our Malta experience now after two weeks I think I learned lot even at first I thought that I won’t learn much working in travel agency. I also scared that my language skills wont’t get any better because our work mates spoke mostly Maltese, but I was wrong whit that too. Our work place Britannia Tours was really nice and I could work for them anytime if I got a chance. Also Maltese culture is lovely and people there are so friendly and I think I will find my self from there many times during my life. Even Paragon Europe the society which toke care of our accommodation and everything else was really careless and they didn’t do much when we told them something was wrong In the end I think our experience was good and I will miss that place except our apartment. 😀

So now we have told you everything about our trip and I hope you liked our stories!



Something new something old

Evening everyone!

So today our last week started and I am pretty exited to come back home but same time it’s kind of sad because I am gonna miss this place and people here. But lets get to the point.  Since last post at work we have been filling in the customer wallets and counting all ready past tours feedback forms. Last week at Wednesday we also got to know the Valletta’s branch and we  were taught how to make the reservations and stuff like that. It was really nice  because the people there were extra friendly and the customer were so laid-back. We were there also today but we didn’t work whit customers this time. So we have learned again something new.

Working hard in Valletta branch 😀
Our space in Valletta branch








At Tuesday after work we went to Lascaris War Rooms and Saluting Battery. It is a war museum and it consist of an underground complex of tunnels and chambers that housed the War Headquarters from where the defense of Malta was conducted during the Second World War. This secret complex contained operations rooms for each of the fighting services from where not only the air defense of Malta was coordinated,  but also some of the greatest battlesfought in the Mediterranean during the war. It was really interesting because we don’t know much about Malta’s history. We also witnessed a cannon shot in Saluting Battery it was pretty impressive.

Soldiers starting to load the cannon












Really old phone which was used to communicate in world war 2

Room were Malta’s air forces were leaded






At weekend we toke really easy. At Saturday we went to the beach in Sliema but we weren’t there so long because we were to near at coast and one bigger wave wet our towels. 😀 After that accident we just hanged around in Sliema. In the evening we went to see our boss’ band gig. It was awesome and you can check their Facebook profile at this link Decline The Fall !

But I think there was everything worth of telling from our last week

till next one!




Second week in Malta

Evening everyone!

It’s Susanna writing again. Since Remus last post much hasn’t happened. We have start get used to our work place and working is easier everyday. Also we have been get to now our workmates little bit better and they had bring us some traditional Maltese pastry and they have been interested in Finland and our language. We have been doing now same kind of office work which Remu told you in last post.

Traditional Maltese cake which one our workmate brought to office. it was pretty good!
Gate to Mdina

Enough from work. Last weekend we explored this kind of weird culture and country more and last Friday after work we found our way to Mdina. Mdina is Malta’s  old capital city and it’s history has traces back more than 4000 years. It still has it’s walls and moat and when you walk from the city gate it’s like you have been time traveled straight to the Middle Ages. Its not allowed to drive a car there which make it really calm place. The quietness, churches, chapels and architecture which has been remain unbelievable well guarantees amazing experience.

One of the several churches in Mdina
Alley in Mdina


This is The Blue Grotto

We spent Saturday in Blue Grotto and it’s marvelous sea caves which are popular tourist attractions. Why? you should just take a boat and see it yourself. It locates at the coast at the southern part of Malta and the bare, rocky island and sea shows there whole new side of them. The Blue Grotto Malta started to get its name in the early 1950’s, when the British army personnel located in Malta at the time, used to ask the local fisherman to take them for a boat trip to the Blue Grotto sea caves.



One Blue Grotto sea cave
Water was so clear in the sea caves!



At Blue Grotto there was a birdwatcher (Sharp sight Falconry) and people had a chance to hold the bird on their hand







At Sunday we decided to relax and go to the beach. We did some research and after hard choice we went to Golden Bay which is one of the Malta’s best beach.  It was a bit disappointment because that day was pretty windy and in the shore there was lot of dead reed but because the wind we didn’t even want to go swim. But it was still nice to see a new part of this island.

Golden Bay


Golden Bay






So I think there was all for this time so good night and sleep thigh!



First days at Malta!

Hi everyone!

We saw the Alps from the plain!

Its Susanna writing here. So we arrived to Malta at Monday and our journey to here went surprisingly well and we both got our luggage. I have visited Malt once before so the shock at first when we arrived to our accommodation was still pretty big. The loft wasn’t quit what we expected and at first we felt like now one here wanted to do nothing about it, but now things has started to clear up.


We all so got an email at Tuesday from our mentor from our workplace that unlike we thought we will stars working at next week not this week. So we have tried to use this free week as effective as we can.

First two days we just walked around and checked out where are the nearest shops, bus stops and learned how to use local public transporting. We all so went to Sliema were I was two years ago as language trip whit EF and saw some more this beautiful island.

Sliema promenade and beach cliffs
Capital city Vallletta pictured from Sliema
Sliema beach cliffs






San Blas Beach in Gozo

Third day we decided to go to Gozo which is one of the three populated island of Malta (Malta is the main island of these). At Gozo we went to San Blas beach which was really beautiful place. After that we have get to now our neighborhood better and because now is an Easter week and today is good Friday and Malta is Catholic country there is only couple shops and places open.

So  I think there was almost everything for this week so we keep spending our free days and see you next week!


Artistic pic from Sliema beach cilff 😀