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Last week in Holland

Hello again! Our last week went very well. We were our workplace two days and the final week we were free. Our boss gave to us present. Our presents was Hoorn own bread, workplaces own cookbook and map. Wednesday was kingsday and people celebrate the same way than in Finland people celebrate may day and midsummer. Everyone on the street had stalls and music.  Thursday and friday we shop our last present to Finland and we took our last pictues. Saturday our fly flyed back to Finland. 🙂 It was very good experience for us and we are thankfully.

Regards Inka and Tsega

Best wishes from Holland

Hello again! 🙂 This weeks went very well. We did work and we got see others wards. It was very interesting and instructive.  On thursday we went our instructor`s school and there we got to know new things examble what is Nederland`s nurses education.  We got to practice some nurse`s work examble venous blood test. Our in-charge chattered whit us and then she took us to Alkmaar. She took us to Egmont long sund Beach, There we drank coffee and ate apple pie then we went to Alkmaar centrum. It was beautifull and old city. On saturday we went to Amsterdam and there we took pictures and we were shopping. In the evening we went to Chunnel on a cruise. We saw all Amsterdam and we got to know Amsterdam history.   Tsega is going to add some off ours pictures! 🙂


Greetings From Holland

Hello! 🙂 Our trip to Holland started very well! Our jobtraining place is very nice and different than Finland but it is very interesting.  We live in the Bed & Breakfast and this is fine and good place to us.  Place where we live is Hoorn and this is big city. We have visited  many places example to Amsterdam and in Hoorn city.  In Tsegas`s webside is some pictures from our trip.  Is nice place to do on the jobtraining here in Netherlands. Peoples speak very good english and the are very kind and helpfull.