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Final report from Innsbruck


Now we have been in Finland for three weeks and thought to write some feelings about the on-the-job learning.

Before we left we didn’t have a lot of information about anything. We knew only that we were going to work with kids but that’s all. We were nervous what those nine weeks are going to be.  We were also wondering what kind of accommodation we have.

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Little by little things started to get clear and the accommodation was perfect too. We got to know workmates and we already miss them a lot! Also our job became familiar.



The city of Innsbruck was interesting and definitely started to feel like home rapidly.



Even though we had some adversities, we survived about everything. All together everything went well and it was an amazing experience! We are super happy that we got this opportunity to leave abroad. We got a lot of new experiences and improved our language skills.



We recommend to everybody to go abroad. You will get much wider view about world and about your career.

With huge love,

Tanja, Mandi & Tiia

Third week in Innsbruck

Guten Tag!

Mandi and Tanja were working at Nordkette and it was a little bit different kind of week this week. There were groups from kindergardens. Kids were 3-6 years old, so it was harder to communicate with them because they speak only German.

On Monday we picked children up from the kindergarden in the morning. Mandi was staying with the group and went to the cable car by bus with them. Tanja took children’s equipment to the mountain with Michael.


Mandi and Tanja helped beginners on the slopes, helped to get up and taught to do a “pizza”.


Tiia continued working in the office at Patcherkofel. She did her first bookings by herself. There has been some busy days on the slopes, so she had to take care of the office alone. Tiia likes the job because it’s suitably challenging. Customers are mainly adults and they can speak English.

We joined the sledding safari again. Customers are mostly British and they always enjoy the sledding a lot.

Our workmates mentioned about a spa called Olympisches Dorf  in Innsbruck. We decided to go there on Saturday. It was a nice place but we were surprised of one thing. Sauna is not included in price, normal ticket costs 5,50€ but if you want to go to the sauna it costs 9,90€. It is foregone conclusion that sauna is part of spa services in Finland. There were a lot of people, especially families with kids.12789873_1271339996216116_328978237_o


Today, on Sunday, Tiia and Tanja went to the city to see sightseens during Mandi was skiing. Tiia and Tanja visited in churches, park and mountain walking route. We still can’t believe how much possibilities to do and see here are in Innsbruck. 12782014_1016713275041002_165251432_n



Spring is on the way and here in the city it’s very warm weather. And the first flowers are already appeared.


We really enjoy our time here!

– Mandi, Tanja and Tiia

Greetings from Innsbruck!


We have been here for six days and here are some first feelings.12714200_1007933549252308_1375522121_n12736133_1007933519252311_2047283578_n

We arrived at Innsbruck on Sunday evening and our boss Michael picked us up from the airport. He kindly welcomed us and took us to our apartment.

Our apartment is located in the Old town. We live in the old house, on the fourth floor. We absolutely love to live here because all services are behind the corner. The owner of the apartment is very nice young woman. She has told us everything about Innsbruck and Austria.  And if we have any questions or we need something is always very easy to contact her.



There are three places where we are working: mountains Patscherkofel and Nordkette and the small office in the city.

Michael picked us up on Monday morning and we went to the mountain, Patscherkofel. There is a ski school where we are working. We met our workmates there and looked around the area. There were a lot of kids at the ski school this week and everybody were so busy to tell us advices. That’s why we are still a little bit lost what to do.


During this week we have worked lot of with the kids. We have taught basic skiing skills to them and helped them with the lift. We have also done paperworks in the office. Here you can see our working clothes:



Kokonaisuudessaan meillä on hyvät fiilikset täällä olosta. Työ vaikuttaa kivalta ja meidät on otettu todella hyvin vastaan. Meitä pyydettiin myös tiistaina mukaan juhlimaan Itävaltalaisia karnevaaleja. Niitä juhlitaan aina viisi viikkoa ennen pääsiäistä ja silloin ihmiset pukeutuvat naamiasasuihin ja lähtevät kaupungille juhlimaan. Hiihtokoulussa pukeuduttiin tänävuonna Minions-asuihin. On todella ihanaa huomata, että työkaverimme haluavat tutustua meihin ja viettää aikaa yhdessä myöskin vapaa-ajalla.



Odotamme kovasti, että pääsemme työhön vielä paremmin sisään.

Saa nähdä mitä tulevat viikot tuovat tullessaan!

Parhain terveisin,

Tiia, Mandi ja Tanja

Austria, we are coming!

Hello everybody,

We are Mandi, Tiia and Tanja and we study tourism for the last year. We have our last on-the-job learning and we are going to Innsbruck which is one of the biggest tourist area in Austria.  Lots of people all over the world visit there every year because of the Alps.


The city of Innsbruck, former host of the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976 as well as the first Youth Olympic Games in 2012 is located in the heart of the Alps.

Innsbruck is famous about its great skiing and snowboarding possibilities. Skiers and snowboarders have access to over 500 kilometers of trails in 25 surrounding village resorts connected by a free ski bus. There are eight major ski areas that provide varied terrain for all levels of skiers.


We will leave next Sunday and stay there for nine weeks. We are going to work at ski school.

Our main duties are still open but we will work with children. We will tell you more when we get there.


Best regards,

Tanja, Mandi and Tiia